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Beauty is truth, truth beauty.


"I feel like you can say anything with music. If it’s something really private you can always say it’s about something else. I always think I can get everything I need out of writing songs. It’s a really brilliant process. I never feel scared about giving it to the world or wonder what people will think." - Alison Mosshart of The Kills

"I am very sad and I feel more miserable than I can say, and I do not know how far I’ve come. I do not know what to do or what to think, but vehemently desire to leave this place. I feel so melancholy."

Vincent van Gogh, Letters (1875-1890)

anonymous requested: can u please gif alexs expressions during the intro to knee socks from t in the park?


Andreas Vesalius: De corporis humani fabrica libri septem


untitled by ⚡⚡⚡⚡ on Flickr.

This is not a photograph of lovers, this is a 400 year old marble statue of Pluto and Proserpina

Old yellow bricks, love’s a risk.